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Ethos, Pathos and Logos

What EPL Stands For

At the heart of social marketing lies the power to shift or sustain behaviours, not just for individual gain but for the greater good. That's where EPL steps in, embodying Ethos (ethics), Pathos (emotion), and Logos (logic) - the core of effective social communication. Let's embark on a strategic journey, leveraging these persuasive forces to blossom your business and craft a brand that truly resonates. Our mission? To partner with ethically-minded people and companies, where our work cultures are in harmony, facilitating a seamless collaboration.

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Who Is EPL Social Marketing?

Elizabeth McCarthy: Your Communication Architect 


Picture transforming your social media presence into a beacon of organic growth, reaching the hearts and minds of true customers beyond just racking up followers and likes. That’s my domain. With a unique mix of business development insight and marketing creativity, I'm ready to take your business to places it's never been before. I dive deep into every aspect, weighing and considering your brand's essence to devise a marketing strategy that amplifies your message and harmonizes with the marketplace's rhythm.

I'm all about breaking away from the 'business as usual' approach, turning your social media into a space that pops with uniqueness and feels as personal and warm as a conversation with an old friend. The goal here isn't just to stand out, but to create an online home that's unmistakably yours, ditching the impersonal, 'bank-like' coldness for something that buzzes with life and genuine connection. Let's make your brand the one people not only recognize but feel a kinship with, building relationships that transcend transactions.

Graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications (with Honors and Distinction), following two college degrees in English Literature and Social Sciences, my journey over 20 years in the entertainment industry and a decade in qualitative research has endowed me with a versatile skill set. My tapestry of experience spans event planning, various media, creative avenues, and substantial campaign management across diverse sectors. My contributions have ranged from content creation, videography, and editing to virtual assistance, copywriting, social media management, and blogging. My proficiency extends to building editorial calendars, developing marketing strategies with clear messaging, enhancing ROI, executing targeted Facebook Ads, and leveraging data analytics. My adept handling of digital tools and platforms—spanning YouTube, X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, and more—complements my rich tech-based communication skills, which include fluency in Microsoft Office Suite, G Suite, Slack, Canva, and CRM software like Zoho. This extensive technical toolkit ensures precision and creativity in every campaign I spearhead, propelling brands to their peak potential. Plus, as a micro-influencer and a hub in an expansive network of professionals, I offer not just my services but a gateway to further expertise.

How It Works

How It Works


Initial Discovery Call

Our journey begins with a complimentary meeting to dive deep into your company’s unique marketing and communication landscape. This open conversation sets the stage for our collaboration, allowing us to outline a strategic approach tailored just for you.


Crafting the Agreement

Post our insightful chat, we'll draft a service contract, commencing on a minimum three-month journey to ensure impactful marketing transformations. After this period, we transition to a flexible month-to-month arrangement, with a simple 30-day notice for any changes.


Strategic Blueprint

Now, we get down to business. Drawing from our initial discussions, I’ll create a comprehensive marketing and business development plan that’s bespoke to your goals. Through strategic sessions, we'll identify the essence of your brand, understand your aspirations, and set a course to achieve them, ensuring every move aligns with what’s most important to you and your audience.


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Free Consultation

Jumpstart our partnership with a no-strings-attached meeting to map out your specific marketing needs. This is where we gauge our compatibility and lay the groundwork for elevating your business with the specialized communication support it deserves.

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Business Meeting

The Marketing Plan

Together, we sculpt a marketing blueprint, infused with your brand's key messages, goals, and strategies to foster growth and enrich your ROI.

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Food blog

Content Creation and Management

Whether it’s crafting compelling copy or managing the bustling world of social media, consider it handled. If you’re pressed for time or unsure what to say, I’m here to lend my voice, tailoring content that speaks your brand’s language, while you focus on what you do best.

Online meeting

Elevating Your Vision

Got a brilliant idea but unsure where to start? I’m your guide to finding your footing in the business landscape, helping you from logo creation to social media strategies and beyond. Plus, for website needs, I’ve got just the team to recommend.

Navigating Social Media

Step into the world of social media with confidence. Whether it’s managing your platforms or delivering one-on-one training to tackle it yourself, I’m here to ensure your brand not only speaks but sings across the digital realm.

Social Media Training

If you're set on mastering the reins of your social media marketing, I've got just the thing: personalized, one-on-one Zoom training sessions. You'll get my full attention twice a week, for two hours at a stretch, over the span of eight weeks. Not only will you walk away with a robust marketing plan tailored just for you, but we'll also dive into setting up or revamping your social media platforms from the ground up. And if it's a fresh logo you're after, I'm on it.

But that's not all—should you need a website that makes a statement or gives your current online space a makeover, I collaborate with a brilliant web developer who can bring that vision to life. Together, we're your one-stop shop for a polished, professional online presence.


Hearing From Clients

Discover the transformative journeys my clients have embarked on, echoing a spectrum of success stories that could soon include yours.

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"Recently, I learned a valuable lesson in promoting a first-rate product. You can throw money at it or you can save yourself a lot of stress and get someone who knows what they’re doing. I was overseeing an outstanding postsecondary journalism program that no one had heard of when Elizabeth McCarthy Meek was recommended to me by a colleague. After years of spending much of our budget on professional promotions and recruiting events, and seeing no results, Liz came in with a social media plan and a promise to change our numbers.


It was only 8 months into her plan when we saw an amazing reversal in interest in the program. The student applications didn’t just go up, the seats filled, and we had waiting lists for the first time in over a decade. Our social media just exploded with interest, and we were able to create a community of alumni and prospective students.


Since Elizabeth kept us updated along the way, I also learned how much work goes into creating and maintaining that crucial and consistent presence. Never daunted by any of the challenges we threw her way, Liz was the energy and wisdom we needed to raise our program out of obscurity. With her help, we look forward to maintaining the quality and public presence our faculty and students deserve. We can’t thank you enough, Liz!"

Effie Klein, Previous Dept. Head, Instructor - Langara Journalism


"Working with Elizabeth we increased our ROI by over 100%. Not only was our engagement and reach increased, but she also helped define the tone and voice of our brand while respecting and following the institution's communications guidelines. She is a great help with our social media, but she has also supported our alumni with the promotion of their projects and helped them establish themselves within the film community. She is a very valued member of our team."

Jonas Quastel, Dept. Head - Langara College Film Arts


"I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Liz in a work setting at exactly the right time and place ….after our instant connection and conversation, I knew I wanted to work with her. It was the best decision and I have been so thrilled to learn from her ever since! She has not only helped me to grow my social media, and learn how to use it objectively, but also helped build my confidence, and made me realize I am more than capable. It’s truly been a great experience! Thank you Liz!"

Molly Etherington, MUA - Makeup By Molly

"Elizabeth McCarthy’s EPL Social Marketing knows how to listen to clients and get the most out of media. Her relationships with local and national businesses have helped me expand my brand, and she leveraged that to create unbelievably successful results on social media in a short period of time."

Panou Inc. - Actor, Stuntman, Producer

"Working with Elizabeth McCarthy's EPL Social Marketing has been transformational for our business.  She took the time to learn the pathos of our company's brand and now speaks authentically with the voice of Trembling Void.   Working with EPL has given us the comfort to grow into our brand and has shown us how effective social media marketing can be when done right."

Ingo Lou & Amy Fox, Owners and Operators/Producers- Trembling Void Studios

AJA instagram.jpg

"Liz worked tirelessly to help build out and maintain an online audience for our film and was a valued member of our team from the launch of our crowdfunding campaign through to our distribution. She had a great knack for knowing the kind of content our followers were looking for and how to keep them engaged with the project and can do the same for you."

Jon Ornoy, All Joking Aside - Animal Mother Films


"Elizabeth took the challenge with her usual enthusiasm, organization, and creativity. She listened to a few episodes of our podcast and then met with us to fully understand our values, our approach, and our style. She worked consistently within our brand, running ideas by us but taking initiative when appropriate. Elizabeth was tenacious in getting to know who our followers were and who could be potential subscribers. She followed every lead to broaden our listenership. She worked hard to find us small sponsorship gigs as a promotional strategy. She was determined to post on an almost daily basis on Facebook and Instagram. Elizabeth was transparent about what our costs would be and gave us options for how to best work within our budget. Overall, Elizabeth was very warm and approachable to work with."

Pam Stewart & Iona Monk, Podcasters -  Relationship Dish Podcast

a lil racy.jpg

“EPL Social Marketing has been a great resource for myself as an independent filmmaker. With the help of EPL, I was able to grow the audience for my web series, and relieve myself of the stress that comes with social media marketing. Elizabeth is a wonderful person to work with. Her support and knowledge of the social media platforms and algorithms has been invaluable to me and my team. Why take on the stress of social media marketing when she is happy to do it for you!”

Samantha Loney, Writer/Producer - A Lil Racy Productions


"How many superlatives can I come up with to describe working with Elizabeth McCarthy? Not enough. She’s the bomb, the bees’ knees, and the doyenne of marketing campaigns. I went to Elizabeth for help in creating a new online tutoring business and was up and running — with a quickly growing number of clients — in little more than a month. She is intuitive, whip-smart, and dogged at research, capable of taking the gem of an idea, moulding it, and presenting it to the world, thereby creating income for her clients."

Roberta Staley, Award Winning Magazine Editor/Writer & Author


"Elizabeth McCarthy is someone I have turned to for advice and have always found her thoughtful and knowledgeable. I trust that Elizabeth will always have the best interests of myself and my project at heart. You're in good hands with EPL."

Michelle Muldoon, Screenwriter, Director, Owner Operator - Paisley Media

Personal Logo Version B.png

"I've known Liz for years, and she has been nothing short of amazing to work with. Whether it's directly assisting with a social campaign, or being trusted to handle a client's needs that I can't service, I can always trust Liz to do amazing work and create terrific results."

Kurt Steigleder, UX/UI and Web Designer

ina logo.png

"Elizabeth is exceptional. She goes the extra mile to ensure your content is on point and catches attention. I highly recommend her!"

Ina Ervin, Real Estate Specialist - Ina Ervin Realty

“In this fast-paced, forever-changing world of digital marketing, Liz is in her element keeping us (her clients) all on the leading edge. Liz launched our two businesses; OWL Rafting and Madawaska Kanu Centre on Twitter. She also consulted with our current digital marketing team to share the newest industry trends and best practices over multiple social platforms. I highly recommend Life at EPL Social Marketing to transform your digital presence."

Katrina Van Wijk - CAO OWL Rafting, Co-Owner of Madawaska Kanu Centre

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